Common Questions

Why GreenWay is the best Carpet Cleaner in Las Vegas :

It all starts with our employees that follow our strict grooming policy’s, to having the most green, environmentally sound company possible. It might even be because we do our very best at every job, and cut no corners, it could be because we don’t rely on sales to make it, we rely on cleaning and customer service. We will provide you the best cleaning experience possible, and we are the most complete package cleaning company in Las Vegas.

Why is it such a big deal to use less water?

When using a lot of water, you have many potential problems that may arise. A lot of chemicals, soapy scum, and bacteria that was in your carpet, is now beneath it. Now you are left with a sponge full of bacteria and dust mites that are now flooded down into your pad underneath your carpet. This is when mold really loves to take form. This is why though the carpet may feel dry to touch, once walked on, the sub floor and pad will start wicking stains back up to your carpet fibers. Then you are left with many stains that started out small, are now five times what they might have been. Since we use as little amount of water as we can, the chances of us extracting more dirt in your carpets is much higher.

Is it really possible to get carpets clean without harsh chemicals?

Yes, we will admit it does take a bit more work on our end, but you can rest assured that we have done nearly a decade of homework.

What Fragrances do you offer with your cleaning?

None, the only smell you will encounter with us cleaning is a naturally, mild, citrus scent.

Should I vacuum before my carpets are cleaned?

Yes, we come and pre treat stains to remove the hard stuff like grease, proteins, spills, etc. We then rinse everything out with steam. We do ask that your carpets are vacuumed thoroughly before we arrive.

How long does it take for my carpet to dry?

Typically we can have your carpets dry anywhere between one hour to eight hours. This of course depends on how soiled your carpets are but I can assure you we will have the shortest dry time vs. any company out there.

Should I have My Carpet Protected?

Yes, not only does it make it easier for you to clean up most accidents with ease, it will also make your carpet last longer. In turn saving you money in the long run.

Does your cleaning company have a Pet Treatment Available?

Yes, our enzyme and oxygen formula will help in eliminating and off-gassing odors that are present in your home. Because every situation is different, please call for more info regarding whatever situation you have.

Does your fiber guard that is offered contain Fluorocarbon’s?

Nope! In fact any company that uses fluorocarbon based fiber protection, is dumping potentially harmful Fluorocarbons into the once safe place you call home. We are the first and as far as we know, the only carpet cleaner in Las Vegas that strays away from chemicals that can cause birth defects.

Should I just replace my carpet?

Let us help in that decision, we will come and give you our honest opinion for free.

We are proudly carpet cleaning in Las Vegas, in Clark County Nevada.
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