Pressure Washing

Expert Pressure Washing Las Vegas By GreenWay Carpet Cleaning

We have been doing pressure washing for over a decade but are finally gearing up to have a van ready at all times for it. So please let us know if you have any questions when it comes to pressure washing in Las Vegas or Henderson NV. We Can:

  • Pressure Wash Driveways
  • Pressure Wash Patios
  • Pressure wash Garage Floors
  • Pressure wash around pool decks
  • Pressure wash and seal brick pavers

Can We Remove Oil Stains From Drive Way Las Vegas?

The short answer is, most of it yes. Sometimes the oil has been sitting for years and no matter what since concrete is porus the oil has seaped all the way through the concrete. So you might be left with a light grey shadow but most of it, if not all of the physical stain is usually able to be remove. Just like every cleaning service we do, we have a custom chemistry we built just for oil and vehicle fluid removal in Las Vegas and Henderson. So if you HOA keeps sending you warning letters about removing your oil stain from your driveway please give us a call and we will come save the day!

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Ok so we know Summerlin is a beautiful and fun place to live, but what else happens their? Well as ya know people and our loved pets need cleaning up after. So that’s where we come in! Some of the items we enjoy cleaning are:

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