So what makes GreenWay Carpet Cleaning stand out from the rest of the carpet cleaning companies in the area?

  1.  Our can do, neighbor helping neighbor attitude is what most of our customers tell us.
  2.  We are clean, non smoking individuals.
  3.  Our carpet cleaning vans and equipment we bring into your home are always clean.
  4.  We clean carpets with NO added fragrances.
  5.  Cleaning your carpets with crazy safe chemistry, ratted a 1 out of 5 for health, which is safe as possible while still getting earth shattering results.

Residential Cleaning

At GreenWay Carpet Cleaning we understand that letting a stranger into your home can be a questionable experience, with us we want you to feel comfortable right from the start. That’s why all of our technicians will always be in full uniform, and work by our strict grooming policy.

We even test all stains before we start with a ph meter before we start cleaning.

Then unlike most other’s we simply apply our custom green cleaning solution up for your specific stains, apply it with a light mist, scrub out any of the stains, then do a live steam rinse. What separates us apart even further is we don’t run any added chemicals to our rinse water. You see, most others just rinse your carpet with a soapy cleaning detergent, and then never rinse it out! They just keep rinsing with soapy, sticky,  water, then tell you they leave no residue behind. Seems crazy right? It is, can you imagine when washing your favorite shirt, you never put it on the rinse cycle? You just left the soapy water in it and then threw it in the dryer?

Our goal by the time we leave is to have you so excited about your clean home that you tell everyone you know,

in fact we have the best referral program available. Please call now to learn more!

GreenWay Carpet Cleaning Technitians

We Specialize In: will be your best choice watches. how to spot watches. with automatic mechanical movements have an amazing water-resistant function to 3000m deep.

Upholstery Cleaning

Some of the most delicate fabrics in the world can be found on your couches, chairs, and lounges. Because of this you need to make sure to choose the experts in cleaning your awesome furniture pieces. We have cleaned the most basic to the most exquisite upholstery out there. Everything from tiger backs, silk worm, cotton, wool, microfiber, and even taxidermy! Just like all our cleaning processes we first do a ph test on all the stains that you would like removed, then we pre treat them and do any scrubbing that needs to be done,

we even have custom built tools for scrubbing upholstery

as its very delicate and wont damage any of your upholstered items. Then we do a light, low steam rinse to make sure there is nothing left behind. All while not over saturating your upholstery with our low water flow rinsing tools. After the upholstery cleaning, most items are dry with in a couple of hours. We do have a specific upholstery stain guard protectant available too. Which further helps prolong the life of the fabric but also helps any spills from soaking into the upholstery and becoming permanent stains. If you are unsure if we are able to get something clean, just simply take a picture of your couch and send it to our main phone line via text message and we will tell you what we think!

Commercial Cleaning

When choosing a cleaner you can trust in your business or office, we understand it can be an exhausting task. We make things as easy as possible,

we know your time is valuable

and you don’t need to spend it searching for the most dependable, best carpet cleaner in Las Vegas anymore.  Once we arrive we understand how important customer safety is so we bring plenty of cotton towels to keep every drip off your other flooring to prevent any slips or falls. Just let us know when you want your carpets cleaned and we will always live up to our strict on time requirements. We call ahead of time, every time, one week, and one day before each scheduled visit. With customers and employee safety as a top priority, we guarantee your office will be looking new and completely dry by the next morning, period!

We Specialize in:

  • Full service Cleaning
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning
  • Commercial Upholstery Cleaning
  • Commercial Tile Cleaning
  • Floor Polishing
  • Lobbies to Boardrooms
  • Bathrooms to Break-rooms
  • Please feel free to call, or e-mail with any questions you might have
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