Before and After Picture of Carpet Cleaning

Before and After Pictures of Carpets Cleaned in Las Vegas

We wanted to show you some of live carpet cleaning pictures.

Here is a mixture of most types of common carpets. We have super heavy traffic in front of a kitchen on modern polyester or rayon, is nothing like cleaning tile and grout. Then we have an 10 year old carpet with extreme pet urine contamination. This ended up being a restoration job because of all the animal feces. Then we have extreme pet oil from a black labs favorite place to sleep at night. This one was very dramatic in person.

We used to have these on our homepage, but since we had to so much going on as for pictures and video’s it slowed our site down. So we will keep this page updated periodically so be sure and check it as often as you want. If you want to sign up to our subscription updates go here and we will send you a message to let you know once we have it updated. If you ever want to see more just let us know, have hundreds!


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