How To Remove Urine Stains From Carpet

Want to know How To Remove Urine Stains From Carpet?

Disclaimer: attempt this at your own health risk and fiber damage risk, this can only be

assessed by you. We are not responsible for any damage occurred while you carpet cleaning Las Vegas. If the Urine is on an all natural fiber such as wool or cotton, do not use anything with an oxidizer in it such as Hydrogen Peroxide ( h2o2 ) or carbonated water ( h2co3. ) Oxidization degrades anything all natural, such as Urine, Coffee, Silk Cotton, or Wool. The fibers will degrade and start to
become stiff and potentially lose color.

Our fuzzy ones try their best to be best friends, and at times therapists, but as we know its impossible for anyone, or anything to be perfect, ( Earnie the pug is the clear exception here. ) Fresh urine is a rather unique property, it actually comes out and acid. One of the reasons urine stinks is once it dries is because it dries to a salty crystal commonly known as ammonia.

So when urine comes out it has a low power of hydrogen, or PH, once dries it has a very high PH. Physics class, or wait was that biology, tough us, in order to neutralize a high PH you have to use a substance which contains a low PH to aid in getting it as close to neutral on the PH scale as possible. A good example of a neutral liquid is, tap

water. What we recommend is using distilled over the counter cleaning acetic acid aka: “vinegar” – make sure and get the clear stuff, not the apple cider variation. Simply get the affected area damp with a around five to six quirts from a trigger sprayer. Basically you want to put down the same amount that your little furry friend put down. Then let it sit for about five minutes, then take a dry towel and blot up as much as you can just like when you remove red stains from carpet. Then repeat if you still smell urine. If not go a head and put down the same amount you used before, but this time us simple water, or carbonated water. Let sit again on the carpet for 5 minutes. Then blot up with dry towel, let it dry, and you done!

  1. Spray clear vinegar with water 75% water – 25% vinegar
  2. Place paper towel over stain and blot dry
  3. Repeat with carbonated water or hydrogen peroxide
  4. Place plastic over stain.
  5. A UV aka: black light or sunlight will speed up the process.
  6. Blot with a wet cotton towel over stain once gone to help rinse.


If you don’t have time to remove urine stains from carpets Las Vegas,

or just want it done right away we have the ability of getting the urine smell neutralized right away, while also removing the urine underneath the carpet, even down to the carpet pad and sub-floor. The products that we use will work faster at neutralizing the salts as they have a higher rate of penetrability and more importantly have the ability to sanitize the effected carpet and padding. Removing the urine stain out of the carpet can also usually be removed as long as you have us out to your home as soon as possible. The reason the stain itself might become permanent is because the bacteria and ammonia combination can actually strip the carpet of its coloring and create a “bleaching” effect on the area while also “staining” the area yellow. The sooner we take care of the problem the better the chance we have of saving your carpet and pad. We will give you our honest, professional opinion at no charge. Some situations you will be better off replacing either the carpet, pad, or sub floor. Most situations we are able to work miracles, though sometimes it just makes more sense to just replace some parts of the pad or carpet instead of spending time and money with restoring the effected carpeted areas that have been damaged. Chances are we have done thousands of Las Vegas carpet cleaning jobs and situations just like yours, so give us a call.

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