Top 10 Carpet Cleaning Tips

We all live in the houses where keeping the carpets is something very important. Even if we don’t want to put them up in our living space they sooner or later do take a place or a spot booked for themselves. The carpets however, no matter what kind, are made from a material such as recycled corn husks, plastic bottles, rayon, wool, or nylon ( the best. ) That can get dirty carpet or simply not presentable in any way possible and they need constant care. From a simple weekly vacuuming, to hiring the best carpet cleaner in the world. So we have covered the exact area by giving you the top 10 carpet cleaning tips, that you should all know about and save some serious amount of time and your hard earned money on them.

  1. Use A Protector

Since everything is exposed what you do is provide it a shield that can keep it safe from every foreign particle. In this case a protector. Using a protector for the carpet can really reduce your problems.Premium quality carpet protectors available in the market do just that thing, protect it from life accidents and stains.

  1. Clean Regularly

Now we can’t really stress on this point as it is going to be quite obvious and should be very important for everyone. In order to keep it clean you have to make sure that it is regular intervals. Try not to leave it longer than 18 months between professional carpet cleaning.

  1. Use Organic Cleaners for Pet Accidents

So we all love having a pet and even when they are trained, accidents can happen. Just to be on the safe side use the organic cleaners for these accidents. White vinegar and rubbing alcohol can also be used to remove other types of stains.

  1. Clean All Natural Stains with H2O2


                Most of the people think that a few drops of blood being dropped on your carpet actually ruins everything but

that’s not true as you can do the recovery with removing those spots with hydrogen per oxide. Make sure and dilute it 10 parts water to 1 part hydrogen peroxide. You can also try carbonated water, aka selter water. The ingredients should be h2o2 and CO2, so water and carbon dioxide.

  1. Remove Wax by Heating

Obviously even if it is someone’s birthday we can often get our carpets filled with the wax and to take them out you need to heat them rather using any other liquid or acid to get rid of it.

  1. Fight Grease with Detergent?

We all know that grease can be very hard to remove and that is what makes it one of the toughest stains for the carpets. The best way is to use rubbing alcohol, vodka, or vinegar instead of the often recommended, drop or two of a grease-cutting dish washing detergent.

  1. Clean Chewing Gum with Ice

Very few people know that the bubble gums which are very stubborn once they get stuck to any surface can be taken out with the help of an ice cube. Just freeze them and later with the help of your finger, take them out.

  1. Use shaving cream

Since there are a lot of sensitive chemicals and substances that are used for the shaving creams they often work out to be one of the finest cleaners around. Using shaving cream and letting it stay for a while on the stain is going to keep it intact and make it go away in no time. The mix of alcohol and sodium laurel sulfate ( bubbles, or suds ) makes an awesome one two punch!

  1. Vacuum daily

One thing and one very important that you should keep in mind is to vacuum daily. No matter what your routine is, you need to keep that dust and dirt out of your carpet and that is only possible if you use a good vacuum with in depth nozzles that reach every part of the carpet and make it get clean.

  1. Clean quickly


Last but not least, no matter what kind of liquid or material has fallen on your carpet you need to make sure

that you deal with it first thing. As long as you let the item stay on that surface as much as it gets deep into the material and that makes things adverse. Just simply grab a paper towel or cotton towel, as both are more absorbent than the mostly plastic in your carpet and blot the spill.



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