Kitchen cleaning tricks that everyone should know of

Your kitchen is one of the most important parts of your home. After all, you prepare your food and you may even eat in your kitchen. Ok, we will admit since we are mobile carpet cleaners we usually eat in our vans. So if it is not clean, then it could affect your health and happiness in a lot of ways. Just like how we love doing our part in making such healthy environments in your houses, we would love to also be known for helping create healthy environments in our bodies. That is why all of us here at GreenWay Carpet Cleaning eat really healthy. As it helps us perform at peak levels through out the whole day and also keeps us staying positive and upbeat as we are never drug down by unhealthy gut bomb, fast foods. You can even end up getting sick more often if your kitchen or van is dirty. Plus, you may not also even like cooking in your kitchen if it too dirty.

Want to have a spotless kitchen? Are you bothered by those unsightly stains on your counter? If so, then you definitely need to learn a few extra tips to cleaning your kitchen. You can tackle any sort of kitchen dirt way more easily if you followed these tips. And you can definitely have a cleaner looking kitchen if you do follow these guidelines!

  1. Hydrogen peroxide can get rid of stains


A lot of stains in your kitchen can be removed using some hydrogen peroxide. Unsightly stains on your kitchen countertop and even the staining on your stove grill can be removed with some peroxide. For example, dabbing some peroxide on coffee or juice stains can get rid of them almost instantly.

  1. Clean your kitchen vent with borax

Remove your kitchen exhaust vent, and then soak it in some borax mixed with water. Leave this in the mixture for several hours. Wiping away the dirt and stains that have built up in the vent should be much easier after you have soaked the vent’s screen.

  1. Cleaning your ovens and microwave

Mix a cup of dish washing soap with another cup of baking soda and vinegar respectively. You can leave that mixture in your oven or microwave for a full night. In the morning wipe it away, and your oven should be stain and dirt-free.

  1. Baking soda + vinegar to mop or scrub kitchen tiles

Having trouble cleaning your kitchen’s floor tiles? Some baking soda mixed with a little finger can help you get a spotless looking floor. Leave the mixture on the floor for as much as half an hour, and then mop or scrub it up afterward.

  1. Polishing your kitchen fixtures

Calcium builds up in your kitchen faucet and sink can cause it to look gross. And if there is a lot of mineral build up, it can even cause the kitchen sink faucet to stop flowing as well. Wrap your kitchen faucet in some plastic filled with vinegar, leave it overnight. And the next morning your kitchen faucet should be sparkling again.

  1. Use a toothbrush for your garbage disposal

If your kitchen sink has got a garbage disposal unit, you can use an old toothbrush or even a new toilet bowel brush to clean it out. Using the toothbrush will help loosen the gunk that has built up and let it flow down the drain. Do not forget to clean underneath the splash guard of the kitchen sink as well. After you have done this thoroughly, use some hot water to flush out the garbage disposal.

These tips should really be able to help you out in achieving a way cleaner looking kitchen. And since these are very easy to follow tricks for kitchen cleaning, you will be able to save yourself a lot of time. And you will also have a much better-looking kitchen in the end as well.

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