Modern Carpet Trends

Excitement is in the air for Interior Decorators and families alike as old trends are returning with a new sense of freshness and comfort.Eye-popping textures, colors and design motifs are coming our way! Innovations in flooring offering new options to homeowners have spurred big changes in overall design based on showcasing our love of “green” products that now incorporate some comforts from the past.

Are you tired of the expense, high maintenance, cold uncomfortable feel and unending dust of bare-wood and tile floors? Imagine: no more impossible tasks of cleaning grout, stripping/sealing, resurfacing not to mention free-time consuming care
Carpets and rugs offer comfort in walking, playing and sitting as well as keeping the chill off by absorbing warmth. You have the opportunity to change the look of an entire room by adding or changing out the color, texture or size of a rug. Totally new texture options abound from the smooth to rough to sculpted patterns that can even change the mood of your favorite living area.
All of the residential and commercial carpets produced by one of the larger manufacturers of flooring, Shaw flooring, meet the Green Label Plus standard. The Green Label Plus is a certification offered by CRI or Carpet and Rug Institute not only for carpeting and adhesives, but for other products like SmartCushion which does not adversely affect indoor air quality. The rating establishes the highest standard for indoor air quality (IAQ) ever and is the fourth time the standard has been elevated. The Green Label Plus standard meets and EXCEEDS California’s indoor quality standards for low-emitting products used in places like schools.
We are busy, but must be totally efficient. Modern technology is helping us again, to make our homes comfortable, safe and beautiful. Check out the new choices available while updating and keeping in style with the new options available.
Unbelievable! You can have the care-free comfort our mothers had and have the latest looks with groundbreaking and exciting new linoleum’s. Shaw Floors has a myriad of luxury, low VOC linoleum’s and tile linos that perfectly mimic the look of virtually any tile or wood product with the beauty of the “real” thing. The older hand-scraped dark woods, newer lighter colors, ceramic tiles or whatever suits your fancy, it is all there for you.
No reason for you to have to suffer the cold, hard, dusty, high maintenance, and time consuming problems of ceramic tile, natural stones, and hardwoods. The offerings are endless. They are comfortable, easy care, beautiful and easier on the budget. Speaking about budget, many have warranties etc. and the money saved on the product and installation would more than compensate and allow you to easily replace it if a style change was in line later.
Go for it! New products, standards and colors lets you be you! While we may not appreciate all the ’80’s and ’90’s had to offer, there are some definite advantages to checking out current interpretations of the past era and the up-to-the-minute. Have fun!

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